Value Homes of Watertown has modern, beautifully selected and expertly built homes. Let Value Homes amaze you with a spectacular home, made available to you at an affordable price! Plainly and simply stated: consider a manufactured home if you’re looking to get the most for your hard-earned dollars.

Built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (HUD Code), manufactured homes are constructed in a controlled workshop environment. HUD created safety standards and a strict process of construction, beginning in 1976, safeguarding manufactured homes to becoming better constructed than they previously had been built. ("Mobile Home" was the name given to factory-built homes that were built before HUD Code became effective in 1976.)

Manufactured homes (much like the counterpart site-built home) are now available in a variety of designs, floor plans, and amenities. Manufactured homes of the 21st century are indistinguishable from homes built on-site. Additionally, the plans and styles of available homes are flexible enough to fit any architectural style and any neighborhood.

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Value Homes of Watertown

Value Homes of Watertown

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